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Integrated action plans for cities und regions

Integrated action plans in (spatial) development are today a prerequisite or a funding object in many national and European funding programs. They are strategic planning and management instruments of city and regional development. Their basis is the holistic approach to a rural or city subspace, a city or a region.

With an integrated concept for action, functional, socio-spatial and city development deficits and needs for action are presented and processed within the framework of an overall strategy. The integrated action strategy is based on a participatory process with the parties concerned and on a SWOT analysis, which is based on a quantitative and qualitative stocktaking and analysis. The concept describes the strategy with the fields of action and projects that are suited to influence the development positively.

europiZe develops integrated action plans for you, with you and the people concerned for your region, the entire city or a part of it (borough, district, quarter, neighbourhood). The number and type of fields of action are derived from your requirements and the specific challenges of the space. We will be glad to implement these concepts in practice and to take on all the functions of management (project management  and communication internally and externally, with an office including on-site presence, promotion of network and communication structures, process and outcome evaluation, funding acquisition, accounting, and reporting).

To increase the focus and profile within the framework of integrated development beyond the necessary moderation and public relations work, europiZe offers the development of city and regional marketing concepts including their substantive and organisational implementation.