europiZe - realising projects 

Evaluation and methods

The orientation on goals and their realisation is increasingly gaining in importance. To steer projects in the right direction, the achievement of projects as well as programmes and strategies and processes must be measured and described. europiZe provides evaluation studies and expert opinions in preparation of a project (anticipatory or prospective), during a project (accompanying a process, formative) and as project follow-up (evaluating the results, summative).

In an initial step, we develop quality criteria for you or accept your criteria. In consultation with you, we use quantitative and qualitative collection and analysis methods to gain relevant data and information. These methods can be supplemented with secondary statistical evaluations.

Due to our many years of practical experience in research and practice, we have a large inventory of methods, ranging from (expert-) interviews and surveys with pre-tests, observations and focus groups, stakeholder-interests-analyses and best-practice case studies, to business process and SWOT analyses, etc. at our disposal. We perform descriptive, uni-, bi- and multivariate analytical evaluations from small (< 100) to large numbers of cases (> 10.000) computationally with MS Excel and IBM SPSS. We prepare the results for you in texts and in graphics as document (MS Word, pdf) and as presentation (MS Powerpoint).