europiZe - realising projects 

Welcome to europiZe!

Our goal at europiZe is to support you to develop and realise your ideas and projects. We organise and moderate processes for our clients to develop projects, strategies and goals. If desired, we find the decisive access points for you in the context of German and European funding programmes and develop applications with you.

We offer comprehensive services in the areas of traditional, agile and hybrid project management and place particular emphasis on sustainable project management. We are happy to take over or assist you with project and financial management as well as communication.

We specialise in the challenges associated with the collaboration of distributed teams. We take advantage of virtual, hybrid and face-to-face working environments to ensure effective and efficient working.

Our goal is to combine sustainability and effectiveness in project management. We support you in not only completing your projects successfully, but also having a positive impact on the environment and society.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you successfully implement your projects.

Seminars (in German)

Seminar "Einstieg ins Projektmanagement" - 2-Tage-Seminar am 20. und 21. April 2024 bei der VHS Dortmund, Buchung über das Portal bei der VHS Dortmund:

Vortrag "Europäische Institutionen und die Europawahl: Meine Stimme in Europa" (6. Mai 2024)

Vortrag "Europäische Institutionen und die Europawahl: Meine Stimme in Europa" am 6. Mai 2024 (19.30 Uhr) bei der VHS Iserlohn (VHS im Stadtbahnhof, Bahnhofsplatz 2, R 212, Fanny-van-Hees-Saal). [VHS Iserlohn-Programm

"CSR – Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung im Handwerk. Auswirkungen auf die betriebliche Praxis". 1-Tages-Online-Seminar am 7. Mai 2024 mit der GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® mbH (Iserlohn). Buchung bitte über das Portal der GGT:

Seminar "Nachhaltiges Projektmanagement – ressourcenorientiert und verantwortungsvoll" - 4-Tage-Bildungsurlaub (BU) vom 3. bis 6. Juni 2024 bei der VHS Essen, Buchung über das Portal bei der VHS Essen: